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Tell your friends about faith naturally

Easy-to-join training weekend – Equip Helsinki! November 5-7, 2021

Signing up has closed – Thank you for those who signed up!



Co-Christian Friendship & Gospel training weekend – free for you.

  • How to discuss faith in a natural, understandable, respectful and listening way

  • Warm encounters with loved ones and acquaintances – with friendship and the Gospel

  • Overcoming fears, connecting and witnessing skills, discipleship


You can follow teaching in Zoom or on-site at the base or in any other place where you want to meet as a team.

  • The base on Helsinki weekend is Malmi Saalem Church (Malmin asematie 3, Helsinki)
  • In addition, we meet our friends and acquaintances through video calls, in homes and cafes across the Helsinki metropolitan area, and if desired, strangers on the streets


In November 5-7. See the Helsinki weekend schedule below.


Real learning happens in practice – safely together.

  • In on-the-job-training / hands-on practice, you are led by an XEE-trained teamleader in a 3-person team

  • You don’t have to know anything, you can just come along casually

  • The link to register is below

For whom? 

Every Christian from different churches – church members as well as church leaders.

  • If you have hardly told about faith to non-believers, or it’s a long time since the last witnessing, you can start it safely now

  • If you are a more experienced witness, you learn new ideas and effective concepts for sure – Moreover, you learn how to equip others

  • If you are a leader, you get in touch with a highly practical and mobilizing evangelism and disciple-making tool
  • You can take part in weekends no matter where you live


The task given by Jesus to tell about Him and to make disciples belongs to each of us.

  • Get up for the most important task!


The training organized by XEE – Evangelism Explosion Finland in cooperation with different churches.



(Finnish / Eastern European Summer Time GMT+3. Teaching and feedback sessions are at the base and in Zoom.)



17–18        Opening: weekend goals, on-the-job-training instructions

18–19        Dinner break and getting to know your own team

19–21        On-the-job-training (OJT)* by teams


Saturday – Share Your Faith Day

10–12:30        OJT feedback, life circles, building connection

12:30–13:30  Lunch break

13:30–16        Natural witnessing in everyday life and understandable Gospel

16–19             On-the-job-training (OJT)* by teams, and dinner break

19–20             OJT feedback

(There are short breaks in the middle of teaching sessions. Teaching includes interactive training in groups.)



Any time        On-the-job-training (OJT)* by teams

18–20            OJT & weekend feedback, and how to move forward


Monday – Lunch and Turning Point Afternoon for Leaders

12–15        Pastors’ and church leaders’ joint lunch: wrapping up the weekend, the next steps, coaching, implementation, multiplication, mobilization


* The OJT is a hands-on practice that may be a video call, a meeting at home or in a cafe or encounters on the street. If possible, the three-person teams will be made so that people in a team are from the same area. So OJT’s can be done locally in different parts of the Helsinki metropolitan area. If you want, your team may follow the Zoom teaching in the same place together and go for OJT’s from there. Or each team member may follow the teaching in their own home, after which the OJT can be a video call or the team can meet in an agreed place and go for the OJT.